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Permanent Makeup 

Red Lipstick

Lip Blushing 

Lip blushing is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the natural beauty of the natural lip colour, while improving the shape of the lips; that gives an illusion of fuller, more defined lips.

This will last approx. 2-5 years depending on your skin type.

A free consultation is a must prior to booking all appointments where a deposit for service will be required


Ombre eyebrows is the most popular technique used for permanent eyebrows. This give you a very natural look with a soft pixilated look in the front of the brow and a blended look that naturally gets darker at the eyebrow tail.

A free consultation is required prior to all bookings where a deposit for services will be made. ​

Long Lashes
Woman with a Shoulder Tattoo


Do you love makeup but don't love doing your makeup everyday? If so, permanent eyeliner is the service for you!


Using a permanent makeup machine that consist of a low frequency needle, we will insert a pigment into the skin of your eyelids, thus ‘permanently’ drawing your eyeliner in the exact shape that you want.

All services require a free consultation prior to booking and a deposit must be made at time of booking.

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